Happy Holidays from the Brave New Workshop! As we enter into a new decade, I wanted to share some observations I’ve made in the past year while working with leaders of some of the best companies in the world.

Here are the top 3 things great leaders are concerned about:

#1 Culture

We’ve all heard it, “Culture is King!” As we enter 2020, leaders are confident that they have successfully defined culture for their teams and organization. They’ve created the words, PowerPoints and posters that define their culture and are positive their people understand those words. But great leaders know, that if the people are not behaving in the way the culture is defined, nothing is going to change.

Have you defined your culture and the behaviors you wish to see in your organization? How are you translating and weaving those behaviors in the everyday work-flows?

#2. Agility

We’re not talking new product development or R&D. No – we mean being flexible in the way we work and collaborate with others. As organizations grow more and more diverse the needs and styles of their people are getting wider. Dimensions ranging from culture, language, generation, communication style and so much more. Leaders have to balance the need for making sure everyone can work in the way that makes them most productive while keeping everyone focused on the strategy and mission of their organization.

Are the people in your organization feeling safe to be their full selves? Do they know and personally connect with the mission of your organization?

#3 Change

It’s not new in itself, but the way that leaders are looking at change is different in the new decade. They realize that there is a gap between how fast change is occurring and how well humans are dealing with that change. People don’t naturally like change -our brains are not wired to embrace it easily. Great leaders are asking how they can be sure their people are change ready.

Can their people deal with change at the same pace at which it is happening? Those are big questions! What are you doing to get your people ready to thrive in the midst of change?

I hope by sharing some of my insights from working with some of the world’s great leaders I’ve helped you frame some questions for yourself. If you or someone you know wants to work with us on the mindset needed to address the issues above, we’d love to hear from you.

From everyone at the Brave New Workshop – Happy New Year & be sure to laugh today!