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Come To Your Senses! How to Get Free When You’re Stuck In Your Head

Have you ever gotten stuck in your head, worrying about the future or obsessing about the past?

It can be so hard to remain present and stay in the moment.

Maybe you’re mentally replaying something that happened 5 minutes or 5 years ago. Maybe you’re thinking of every little thing that might go wrong tomorrow. Either way, you’re spending your life somewhere—or somewhen—else.

In this episode, we’ll explore what to do when your brain traps you in a vicious cycle of doubt and worry, as well as…

  • How Margi’s connection to a very special rock can help you be your best self
  • Where to find all the information, inspiration, and innovation you’d ever need to solve any challenge that comes your way
  • Why Jenni spent the morning of her wedding picking flowers. Spoilers: it wasn’t for last-minute boutonnieres

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Be Brave – Weekly Livestream Series

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