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Stop Living in the NO: Re-Ignite Your Spark!

Remember a time in your life when everything felt like a big No? Like you lost your spark, joy, and sense of self?

Most of us will face it one time or another – a time when we feel all the wires, and connections to our most happy, creative, alive parts of us have been severed. Maybe you are in that place right now. It’s a horrible feeling.

You might hear yourself say things like:

I remember when I used to be fun, playful, and happy.

I can help others find their joy; I just can’t seem to do it for myself.

And when it gets really bad, apathy sets in: Meh, I never have time for myself anyways.

It’s not always easy to keep that spark ignited. In fact, our very own brains do not always help us here. As humans we are more likely to pay attention to the ‘No’s’ in our life – it’s how we gravitate towards safety. But if we’re not careful, too many NO’s can extinguish your spark.

Here’s the good news!

You can retrain your brain. And it’s not a big huge hairy deal to stop living in the NO.

It’s actually a tiny, simple practice you can do as little as one minute per day.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • how to grab on to those magical ‘inklings’ that you have every day, but are probably ignoring
  • how one word, one time per day can reconnect those wires of joy in your life
  • the simple mathematical formula you need to move beyond those overbearing NO’s

(and as a bonus…you’ll hear why Margi and I love dogs)

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