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What is the GIFT in your day?

Life’s full of little surprises, popping up like gifts. That’s why we call what’s going on NOW the present.

Well, no, it’s not. Not really. But it makes for a good metaphor, so let’s go with it.

Sometimes, though, the gifts life gives you aren’t exactly the thoughtful present you were expecting. A sprained ankle, a missed bus, a particularly intense reaction to a new laundry detergent… well, they’re not quite what you had on your wishlist.

But an experience isn’t like an ugly sweater that you haven’t taken the tags off of yet. You can’t return that sprained ankle without a gift receipt and—wouldn’t you know it—The Universe didn’t include one.

So, what do you do when the world hands you the equivalent of a gag gift?

That’s exactly what we’re talking about in Episode 6 where you will discover:

  • A powerful tool that you can use to find the usefulness of any situation, even in gray-cloud conditions where you think there could never be a silver lining
  • How your automatic reaction to unexpected change makes you miss out on new ideas, new solutions, and new ways of thinking … every day.
  • The two words that SNAP your brain into an open mindset, so you can expand your possibilities even in life’s most troubling times

Be Brave – Weekly Livestream Series

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