Project 824

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A Community Initiative

The ETC (Experimental Thinking Center) is a huge part of the Brave New Workshop’s Project 824 which reflects the company’s longstanding spirit of service and citizenship and its owners’ philanthropic commitment. As part of the initiative, the BNW offers the ETC event venue free of charge to local and global community organizations, causes, individuals and social enterprises that aim to showcase innovative ideas and contribute to humanity’s ability to solve pressing problems and create a better world. We call it Project 824 not only in reference to the physical address of the Brave New Workshop and ETC venues, but as a bold commitment to use the space in this manner for at least 824 events.

NOTE: Please contact Heidi Cerdas at [email protected]) if you would like to learn more about this program.

Please carefully read our Project 824 Qualification Guidelines before applying, to confirm that your event is a good fit for Project 824.
Qualification Guidelines as .pdf file (Word document unavailable)
Project 824 Marketing Checklist as .pdf file (referred to in Qualification Guidelines)

You may also get your  Project 824 Application here.

Project 824 Application as .pdf file | Project 824 Application as Word document

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