Practice. Practice. Practice.

If learning is not sticking or your organization’s culture rocks only on paper you need to activate the behaviors that make it all real.

Act the Way You Want

Your Company to Be

Your company culture, talent and business strategy, priorities and learning ecosystem are unique to you. For 20 years, we’ve created customized, human-focused curriculum that activates the everyday, micro-behaviors that are needed to translate your cultural vision into ‘the way we do things around here.’ With time to practice, a fun shared experience that helps everyone embody the desired behaviors, and ongoing support and coaching, you can truly move the needle for your teams and customers.

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Unlimited Fun

Corporate learning unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
Laugh. Learn. Repeat. That’s the way it works. Whether it’s an interactive keynote, a deep-dive workshop, or a train-the-trainer extravaganza, we know that current attention spans are plunging, so we utilize humor, empathy, storytelling, improvisation and world class instructional design to maximize our time together.

80% doing, 20% reflection and instruction paired with a safe, supportive environment full of levity and humanness help learners absorb, retain, personalize and apply the learning right away, which in turn sticks with them for years to come.



More sales and less turnover? Yes, please.

BNW’s approach can be embedded within any sales process to help your sales teams be more confident, agile, persistent and open to learning. We help them practice the behaviors you want them to exhibit every day in a fun and light environment, and help you carry on the learning through train-the-trainer experiences and supporting learning materials. Discover what you can gain.

Change-ready leaders able to transform your culture? We’ve got you covered.

Opportunity favors the brave, and the awake. Are your leaders looking for what’s next and actively utilizing every opportunity to innovate, evolve, inspire? We help leaders adopt a mindset of discovery which views change as fuel and plucks us out of the comfort zone of inertia and ‘that’s how we’ve always done it. Read what we accomplished in one school district.

Engagement low? We can help with that.

Your people are your most valuable resource, and if they are not engaged everything suffers, most of all your customers. We help activate your values and translate them into actions and every-day behaviors all your employees can embrace and weave into their work immediately. Learn about our culture activation work in a healthcare setting.


If you are longing for more ‘happy’ in your life or want to laugh and learn with a supportive cohort of new friends – join us!

We Wrote The Book On Innovation

The Innovative Mindset:
5 Behaviors for Accelerating Breakthroughs
Redefine what it means to be innovative

The Innovative Mindset calls the accepted definition of innovation into question, urging you to consider how innovation might function as a behavior that you perpetuate, rather than an inflexible theory or corporate-defined initiative. By asking yourself what it takes to be innovative—and by being honest with yourself about the answer—you can incorporate innovation into your life much in the same way that you would a behavior to help you lose weight, increase your strength, learn to play the piano, or improve your relationships.



Brave New Workshop and HealthPartners joined forces to bring you this unique day of learning because we know that improved communication, resiliency and empathy in clinicians leads not only to improved patient experience and outcomes, but also in increased job satisfaction and happiness in clinicians themselves.

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