Holiday Creativity Boost

Two exercises to help boost your creativity through the holidays with your family or on your own!

On your own

The “Mind Funnel” excercise helps bring up unexpected ideas or deep realizations which spark breakthroughs that have proven helpful to many of our clients.

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With your family or friends

“Word Pizza” is a group excersize that is sure to inject creativity into any drab holiday gathering. The excercise is a fun way to demonstrate that one piece of informatio ncan have many interperetations. “Word Pizza” has been tested in many environments including law pracitices, medical clinics, schools and executive offices. This excercise will get your family and friends thinking outsdie the box this holiday season. As the leader of the exercise, remember to model the behaviors you want to see – hype your energy, smile, notice your body language and be your authentic self!

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With us

Join us at Brave Tuesdays: a 10-week community learning experience where we exercise our creativity, rekindle our grit and stretch our minds by practicing the time-tested principles and behaviors founded in our 60+ year study of improvisation and the mindset of discovery. Guided by master facilitators of the renowned Brave New Workshop, each two-hour session helps you discover ways to become more present, joyful and confident so that you can get more done and create the life and impact you want to have.