90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Our staff writers and actors can create engaging custom videos to take your online meeting or internal initiative from tolerable to terrific.  Video vignettes can help you engage your audience before the event, to save and prioritize the date and download and prepare the right technology.  Then during the event, video vignettes can bring laughter and meaning to openings and closings, regrouping the audience after breaks, and reinforcing key strategic and cultural messages.  We can work closely with you to weave in “inside jokes” or to reinforce strategic messaging.

Recent work has ranged from internal training videos to viral videos for announcements and e-news, to “mockumentaries” used to motivate sales teams, and event videos designed to help attendees get the most value out of a conference/trade show. In an age of geographical, time, budget, and talent challenges we can help you deliver messages in an impactful way that is well worth your investment. 

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