To Declare is to stand up, proclaim your position, and be vulnerable to face whatever the results of your declaration are. Not always the easiest to accomplish – especially in today’s world of meetings, communal decisions, and workplace politics.

With that in mind, we put together a playlist of songs to remind you to be brave and “Declare” when you feel inspired to! So get your headphones out, hit play, and say it loud, say it proud!

  1.  Secrets – Mary Lambert
  2. Declare – Ritmo
  3.  Keep Talking – Pink Floyd
  4.  Talk to Me Now – Pinto
  5.  Talk to Me – Blue Harlem
  6.  Sing It Loud – kd lang
  7.  Just Say It – The American Scene
  8.  Say It Now – Juliana Zobrist
  9.  The Golden Age – The Asteroids Galexy Tour
  10.  We Can Talk – The Band
  11.  What We Talkin’ About – Jay Z
  12.  Express Yourself – Labrinth


Curated by Ann Drewiske.