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We design services that move the needle on your success metrics.

We know that event curation and management is hard. From programming to logistics, things are moving fast and change is a constant. Yet, when your audience is engaged, messages are embraced and hearts are inspired, it is all worth it. We are committed to helping you wow your attendees every single time.

For the past 20 years we have closely partnered with event organizers at Fortune 500 companies and leading associations to help them exceed their event goals. We would be honored to have a chance to collaborate with you!

John Sweeney’s presence has produced some of the
highest-rated meeting sessions ever at Target.com
I highly recommend John and his team.

President, Target.com

Attendee Engagement

Our emcees are masters of audience engagement and ensure your attendees are utilizing your event app, signing up and attending your breakouts, remembering important information and staying alert during general sessions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our keynotes and interactive workshops are routinely ranked in the top 2 spots of audience surveys.

Content Application

Our laughter-filled experiential learning approach turns up a notch any general session or breakout. Audience members often cite our work in open – ended surveys as the highlight of the event.

Event Loyalty

We are often a long-term partner for event teams, ensuring each year’s event tops the previous and bringing creativity, professionalism and expertise to every planning meeting.

Client Success Stories

We move the needle on your success metrics

1,500 lean manufacturing engineers rate John Sweeney’s Keynote 4.8/5

John Sweeney delivered and unforgettable lunchtime keynote at a leading association’s annual conference illuminating the importance of one’s mindset in the context of change management and lean manufacturing. His interactive, entertaining and relevant keynote also served as a preview for next year’s conference and generated buzz and a spike in sign ups.

At first, I was skeptical but quickly understood the connection to implementing change and the fear around doing so. Very interesting approach!

Conference participant

Association for Manufacturing Excellence

76% of attendees cite Brave New Workshop’s session when asked “What new skills will you apply in the next 3 months”

Elena Imaretska designed a custom session to be integrated in leadership curriculum for a global audience, which not only engaged the participants, but also helped them integrate the learning in their day-to-day work. The session helped leaders reframe innovation from a vague strategy word to a mindset and a set of behaviors to be woven in their teams’ workflows.

Really loved the Brave New Workshop as a time to learn to think differently, get out of our comfort zones, and have some great laughs with coworkers. We created memories and mindsets from that workshop that will last a very long time

Session participant

Smiths Medical

Caleb McEwen dazzles our clients’ clients and becomes the ‘go to’ emcee for 10 years in a row

Caleb McEwen is the host of a premier 4500+ person customer conference. After the first time Caleb shared his amazing emcee talent, audience remarks included “Continue with Brave New Workshop hosting” and “Caleb should always be the MC!” We were honored that our clients listened and Caleb has had the pleasure to return for many years. Caleb’s Emcee duties often include housekeeping, introductions, comedic commentary informed by real-time happenings, and facilitating executive panels.

THANKS AGAIN……….for another OUTSTANDING event! You always….“over deliver”……and I will speak on behalf  everyone that attended and say that you (and team) provided a Laugh Out Loud show that dazzled and amazed us all!

Vice President, Business Development


All-in 3200 person audience engagement drives more revenue, customer loyalty

The Brave New Workshop was an integral part of the team designing and facilitating a 3,000 person national General Managers conference and a follow up training program. John Sweeney delivered a keynote that inspired buy-in and excitement about a new program and approach, Caleb McEwen emceed the general sessions and our facilitators provided breakouts previewing the training offerings to be rolled out to all regions. The team delivered 29 regional workshops following the conference, which according to the VP Brand Hospitality increased the customer loyalty and revenue scores of participating hotels.

Thank YOU!!!! You and the BNW team are awesome partners for our team and business. Your creativity, ability to link your talents to our business messages, and to “connect” with us, our team, and our entire brand is amazing. Here’s to many more opportunities in the journey ahead!

Global Head Focused Service Brands

Hilton Worldwide

Our Team

Talented, caring, funny, professional

Seasoned speakers and facilitators, entertainers, behavior nerds… that’s the team that will pour their heart and soul in ensuring your event programming exceeds your expectations and moves the needle for your audiences. Always customizing the program to fit your needs, adapting in the moment to any last minute changes or desires, reading the room and adjusting appropriately the level of levity and gravity – that’s how we operate. No divas, no crazy rider requirements, just a sincere desire to help, to serve, and to transform the humans we work with.

John Sweeney

Keynote speaker, author, BNW co-owner

John’s expertise in human behavior and entrepreneurship have helped him inspire and shake up 3,500+ global executive audiences over the past 20 years. His humor, storytelling and heart make him undeniable and his mindset of service motivates him to customize his presentations for each audience.

Margi Simmons

Keynote speaker, master facilitator, emcee

For 10+ years Margi has wowed audiences in healthcare, agriculture, CPGs and education, her super power – a sincere care for your attendees’ personal and professional success. Margi creates a safe space for learners to think differently, to stretch and to grow while connecting with each other and having a blast.

Caleb McEwen

Emcee, panel facilitator, speaker, BNW Artistic Director

Hilarious, nimble, professional.. just a few of the words that describe Caleb. He has spent 15+ years hosting some of the most prestigious customer, leadership and sales events of global Fortune 500 companies, always receiving rave reviews from attendees and event organizers alike.

Jenni Lilledahl

Keynote speaker, thought leader, BNW Co-owner

Jenni draws on her expertise in non-profit leadership, entrepreneurship and the social and emotional side of healthcare to influence and inspire audiences. Jenni is a pioneer in utilizing improvisational techniques in personal development, healing and life transitions and brings powerful lessons and practices to education, healthcare, and HR professionals.

Elena Imaretska

Keynote speaker, author, BNW Chief Innovation Officer

Elena excels at engaging global audiences and uses her experience working and studying on three continents to illuminate the power of mindset and the behaviors that stem from it to drive successful collaboration among teammates with differing views. Elena works with corporate, government and business school audiences addressing innovation, leadership and inclusion.

Bobby Gardner

Master facilitator, emcee, BNW Director of Event Sales

Bobby’s expertise in storytelling and presentation techniques shines when he works with professionals who want to become better communicators and influencers. The beauty of Bobby’s approach is that it is immediately applicable in any industry: for the past 7 years Bobby has helped teams ranging from sports team sales to Ux designers.

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