Entrepreneurship is not your typical 9 to 5

Imagine being a CEO. You have your own company and the freedom to manage it as you wish. No bosses breathing down your neck or pesky spreadsheets to pour over. Furthermore, you are passionate about what you do. You look forward to coming into work every day because you know you are making a difference. You are a leader. An innovator. On top of the world.

Now imagine being fired from your own company. Everything comes crashing down. Imagine failure. That sense of emptiness that creeps forth after your life’s work is reduced to dust. Recovery is attempted but is met with the same result twice more. You want to give up. You want to throw both arms in the air and submit to the cruelty of what surrounds you. But you don’t. You keep pushing forward. Failing. Persisting. Reinventing.

This is the story of Thompson Aderinkomi, Co-Founder and CEO of Nice Healthcare, who we had the pleasure of hearing from during our October 2017 MNovation conference. His story is one of inspiration. One that each and every one of us can learn from. The lessons of his narrative revolve around a progression. Failure. Persistence. Reinvention. This is the path that he took to reach his current success, and it is a path with the ability to drastically improve the life of anyone who adopts it.


Did you know Post-it®️ notes were invented by accident? The patent holder was trying to create an extremely strong adhesive and ended up with an extremely weak one. He also ended up with 3M’s highest honors and the name behind a ubiquitous product. Innovation is just glorified failure. Every improvement comes from a mistake. That is why it is crucial to view failure as a vehicle for success rather than a destroyer of dreams. Failure is inevitable. Why not welcome it?


You know the old saying: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. As much as it may seem elementary, this adage is a perfect summary of one of the main elements of innovation. Success rarely responds to the first call, and you’re lucky if it shows up for the second. Persistence is essential if success is to progress past that initial glimmer of opportunity. When adversity strikes, strike back and keep striking. Stamina is key.


When Minnesota gets too cold, all the geese fly south. Every year, an entire species realizes that they are in the wrong place and they move. We can all learn from the geese. When something isn’t quite right, there is no reason to allow that something to fester. Whether it be a monumental failure, a long-term job turning sour, or a simple change of heart, humans have the agency for change. That is what makes us such fantastic innovators. We can take a problem and turn it into a much more interesting solution. We can reinvent. There is no such thing as a cure-all, but this is the closest we’ve gotten.

Remember this path. Embrace this path. Live this path. Now go change the world.

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