2019 was a year full of innovation and learning – we are SO grateful to have had the opportunity to share transformative laughter with you all!

From applying the Mindset of Discovery to continuous improvement at the world’s largest lean conference, to interviewing Julia Louis-Dreyfus at Ceridian’s premier customer forum, to helping healthcare professionals reframe burnout, to inspiring women innovators at the University of Minnesota, to helping MN United FC kick off their inaugural season at Allianz Field, to activating storytelling, collaboration and innovation at all-hands meetings and leadership conferences, our team was blown away by the tremendous innovation and resilience we see in our clients’ organizations.

Here’s a small sample of the amazing events and initiatives we were honored to be part of.

Innovation & Lean

John Sweeney was honored to keynote the world’s largest lean conference organized by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence. He shared how continuous improvement leaders and experts can apply the Mindset of Discovery and its inherent behaviors to build lean cultures and practices in their organizations. One of the messages that resonated most was that in business, just like in sports and arts, continuous and intentional practice is necessary to see meaningful behavioral change and skill improvement.

Brave New Medicine – A Transformational Workshop for Clinicians

Brave New Workshop was delighted to partner with HealthPartners, a leading health system in Minnesota, to develop and deliver a unique one-day workshop for clinicians, which moved the needle on their ability to communicate with patients and peers, reconnect with their passion for helping their patients, reframe the current obstacles in healthcare, and most importantly connect with other like-minded professionals to build a network of support and community of learning. After receiving stellar feedback we have scheduled two sessions in 2020.

Leading with the Mindset of Discovery

Our favorite audiences are groups of forward-looking, values-driven leaders. In 2019 we worked with many leadership teams and shared practical tips and tricks to building a culture of innovation and resilience. Leaders have a unique role in affecting culture – whether they like it or not their behaviors are closely observed by those they lead and set the tone for the whole organizations. Leaders need to both increase their self-awareness so that they don’t send messages unintentionally AND build their own practice of the behaviors they wish to see.

Customer Service Activation & Training

BNW loved partnering with MN United FC to get their brand new staff and partners ready to welcome fans at Allianz Stadium. We designed and delivered highly-interactive, fun and meaningful onboarding experience which linked MN United’s values with their guest service philosophy. We were thrilled to hear from our MN United partners that the work translated to a superb guest experience and that the MN United fans feel cared for, celebrated and welcomed in their new home. We can’t wait for the 2020 season!

Values and Culture Activation

There is consensus that an organization’s culture is key to its success. One way to maintain a great culture is to root it in a set of meaningful values, which inform how everyone in the organization behaves. In 2019 we delivered a number of speeches and experiential learning sessions, which brought our clients’ values to life and helped employees and leaders practice the micro-behaviors foundational to their values. With amazing clients such as SPS commerce, Be the Match, Silverline, Boston Scientific and more we once again felt so lucky to do what we love – help people be their best selves at work.

Team Activation & Celebration

We worked with many teams looking for ways to increase team trust, hone skills and celebrate team accomplishments. We enjoy tremendously the opportunity to tailor workshops for specific team needs and create a safe and fun space for them to stretch outside their comfort zone, learn and flex their creativity muscles together. For a sampling of topics visit www.bravenewworkshop.com/creativeoutreach/workshops

Women Innovators Conference

Some of our favorite audiences are groups of brilliant women poised to change the world. We were so happy to have a chance to be part of the Carlson School’s Women Innovating conference, where we helped the attendees gain self-awareness of their mindset and behavior in an environment of laughter and hands-on practice. In 2019 we were also delighted to present at Thomson Reuters’ Aspire to Lead conference, Xcel Energy’s Women in Nuclear conference, and Best Buy and Mortenson’s women’s leadership groups. More about our work with women-focused organizations here.

Celebrity Speaker Interview and Event Host

Caleb McEwen continues to share his tremendous talent to high-profile events across the globe. His job as an emcee and host is to bring continuity to the event, add levity, and weave the messages presented to create a cohesive and meaningful experience for the attendees. He often interviews executive speaker and celebrity guests and helps them shine with his masterful facilitation and humor. A certain highlight for him was the opportunity to interview Julia Louis-Dreyfus, one of the most important comedic actors of our time, not once but twice in 2019!

We’re looking forward to another great year filled with innovation!