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Meet Bruce Lambrecht, one of our dynamic panelists from MNovation 2.0 on September 29th, 2016.

Bruce Lambrecht, one of our esteemed panelists from MNovation 2.0, is an entrepreneur, part of a team that helped develop and build Target Field in Minneapolis, where the Minnesota Twins play. Bruce has faced some huge challenges in his journey to get this stadium built, and we loved hearing him share his journey on the panel for MNovation 2.0.

You can get to know Bruce in the interview above, where he shares his formulas for innovation, how he overcomes challenges when they arise, and of course, what he eats for breakfast before a big day.

You can see Catherine’s panel and the rest of the panels from MNovation on John Sweeney’s Facebook page here – enjoy, and we’ll see you for MNovation 4.0 this fall!