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Meet Vikas Narula, one of our incredible panelists at the upcoming MNovation on September 29th, 2016.

Vikas Narula, one of our esteemed panelists at the upcoming MNovation, is the creator and co-founder of Keyhubs, a company that helps reveal and utilize complex relationships within organizations to grow talent, allow people to be in positions that maximize their unique skills, and help improve the overall culture within a team. If that isn’t enough, Vikas also created Neighborhood Forest, a group dedicated to giving children trees to plan on Earth Day each year.

You can get to know Vikas in the interview highlights above, and hear his perspectives on team dynamics, leadership, and of course, what he eats for breakfast before a big day.

Learn more from Vikas and the rest of the panelists at MNovation on September 29th at our campus in downtown Minneapolis – we’ll see you there!