You are working to produce mindful, resilient leaders through simulations and active learning.  But you are not yet doing Mindset Training.

With our decade+ of experience delivering our Proven Mindset Training Curriculum to Executive learners within universities and businesses, we make it simple for you to deliver Mindset Training, Human-Experiential Learning, and Change Management Competency in a way that is more fun than you can imagine.

Mindset Training

With our hands-on, laughter-filled sessions, your executive learners will:

  • Discover everyday micro behaviors that impact their job performance.
  • Learn how to influence how others view them, their performance, their leadership.
  • Integrate conversation influencer techniques into their day-to-day lives and work.
  • Ultimately improve how they present themselves to their colleagues and others.

Experiential Learning

  • Learners remember 90% of what they do (and only 10% of what they don’t do)
  • We build comfort and resiliency with discomfort

A Foundation For Other Learning

Our programs enhance and add value to your entire learning ecosystem.  Once you begin to trust your colleagues and teachers, the sky is the limit.

You have a vendor that’s doing sales training, having your team do design training, etc. Our curriculum enhances those learnings!

Listen better, open minds, let down your guard (when you are laughing, you aren’t judging).  We get people to an open frame of mind.

Custom-Designed Programs That Get Results

Every organization has different culture, priorities, learning ecosystem, and talent strategy.  Unlike some off-the-shelf programs, our proven process ensures a fit for who you are as a company.

We collaborate with your team to custom-design and deliver an entertaining and valuable curriculum, even for open-enrollment learners.

Open Enrollment. We’ve Got This.

Our curriculum is flexible and can accommodate your open-enrollment needs.

We Make Learning Fun.

Team-Building & Trust

Networking & importance of getting things together.


Change Management Competency

  • Learners build empathy for the people they lead.
  • Learn that change is fuel and not an obstacle.

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