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Laughter Paired with Technology Takes Aim at Clinician Burnout

Benovate and Brave New Workshop Join Forces to help Healthcare Address Quadruple Aim Minneapolis, MN -- The Brave New Workshop (BNW) and Benovate have announced a year-long partnership to deliver scalable, human-centered experiences, which will help clinicians build...

Joy, Creativity & Community – Introducing Virtual Brave Tuesdays

Play, joy and community await you! Join our virtual learning cohort and learn how to move away from a mindset of fear using our proven methodology and approach – transformative laughter.

Looking Back at Events in 2019

2019 was a year full of innovation and learning – we are SO grateful to have had the opportunity to share transformative laughter with you all!

3 Things Great Leaders are Concerned with in 2020

Happy Holidays from the Brave New Workshop! As we enter into a new decade, I wanted to share some observations I’ve made in the past year while working with leaders of some of the best companies in the world.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Emcee

Event professionals unanimously agree:  hiring a professional emcee to host your event is worth the cost. Here are five reasons why:

Do They Practice What You Teach?

Employees need to practice their skills to improve. Learning leaders should model the desired behavior and provide a safe place to hone skills.

Within every successful athlete, artist or musician there is some talent. But without practice, that talent will not reach its full potential. When we applaud and cheer performers, what we see are often the results of their practice. What we don’t see are the years they spend perfecting their skills. Practice is essential to their talent development, yet we often diminish its importance in employee development.

Field Report #1: Renovation Innovations

We are big fans of action and how mindset and behaviors show up in the real world. It is so inspirational and energizing to see people create, collaborate and innovate in everyday situations – there are many lessons and valuable nuggets we can gain by just paying attention to and appreciating human ingenuity, creativity and the power of a mindset. So, we are excited to share with you over the next few months some of our observations and celebrate the successes of people and organizations we see around us who get things done in an interesting way, embrace a mindset of discovery and create solutions and value for those around them. These field reports are dedicated to the human beings who choose to act, move forward, make choices and leave a positive footprint, as opposed to being passive observers or critics. Way to go humans!

Creating an Innovation Fitness Plan

Creating an Innovation Fitness Plan

Driving innovation in a large company is hard. There is an inherent difference, and sometimes a conflict, between the mindset and culture an efficient organization needs to focus on its core business and the mindset and culture necessary for an organization to produce ongoing innovation.

Innovation is key to sustain success in an uncertain world, and most companies include innovation in their mission statements and long-term strategies, and fund efforts to embed innovation into their cultures. Many of these efforts are sound and include impressive initiatives with systems for sourcing and evaluating ideas, innovation councils and champions, selection criteria, funding committees, awards and robust communication strategies.