From industry conferences to leadership summits, sales kick-offs and customer forums, event professionals agree: hiring a professional master of ceremonies (Emcee) is worth the cost. By skillfully engaging the audience, introducing speakers and moderating panels, an expert master of ceremonies dramatically increases the ROI of large events.


Here are the top 5 reasons you should hire a professional Emcee for your next event.

1. An MC Sets the Tone

Your company brand is important! As the face of your event, a charismatic Emcee personifies your company brand and values and can deliver relevant messages with confidence and enthusiasm. Additionally, a poised Emcee can make executives shine with dynamic interviews and introductions helping your leaders be their best selves on stage.

2. An MC Engages the Audience

Maintaining audience interest is the number one challenge for event professionals. Even the most engaged audiences struggle to maintain focus when event content is exclusively business. Giving attendees a mental break and allowing them the opportunity to internalize your message is a great way for an expert master of ceremonies to provide value. If you wish for your audience to retain the content – help their brains and let the master of ceremonies summarize, repeat and reframe key points with a different voice throughout the event.

3. An MC Drives the Meeting Forward

There is one constant in event management:  no agenda unfolds exactly as planned. Keeping a busy and fluid agenda on task is critical to maximizing the impact of event content. A professional Emcee knows how to maintain busy agendas by adapting to all situations without creating awkward moments. They have a library of material and improvisational skills that allow them to fill time or speed up presentations with grace and ease.

4. An MC Alleviates Stress

A charismatic executive or skilled salesperson may give great presentations, but that doesn’t mean they should be responsible for the success of an entire event. Hosting an event requires a specific set of skills that differ from giving a speech or presentation. With a busy agenda, unforeseen problems are sure to arise. Experienced Emcees are prepared to quickly solve these problems calmly and with confidence. Their unique ability to quickly read a room and adjust things on the fly support your event’s success.

5. An MC Adds Value

Hiring a professional event Emcee provides high ROI for event planners. Budgets are often spent on celebrities and entertainment, which is wonderful, but a professional Emcee provides the glue between content segments and ensures the whole event flows and makes sense. Hiring a professional emcee is a budget-friendly option that not only makes events memorable, but also helps make the messaging of the whole event stick.

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