Mindset eats skillset for lunch

The best skills and tools in the world are meaningless if your learners aren’t ready to absorb and learn.  Over the past 20 years, we have developed a robust curriculum designed to help audiences move from a mindset of fear to a Mindset of Discovery.  We will curate and tailor our exercises and approach to best support your specific strategic objectives.  Training sessions range from 1 hour a week over a course of several weeks to a half-day or full-day deep-dive session.  We have strong experience accommodating remote learners and multiple locations with innovative live online delivery.  The audience will be filled with laughter, and we activate learning by reinforcing and practicing specific behaviors needed for change.  We always customize our content for client-specific objectives, but please see below for sample content areas.

Training Magazine 2020 Conference & Expo

 The Brave New Workshop hosted a series of Mindset Activation Workshops at this year’s Training Magazine Conference & Expo. Our programming received a nearly unanimous 5/5 score from 2,000+ attendees with comments like:

"The exercises are fantastic. I'm taking them back to my team!"

"Thanks for making it safe to be outside my comfort zone"

"Practical info I can put into practice right away"

"So valuable in content coupled with exercises"

"Real practice. Pushing us out of our comfort zones"

"Great activities! I can use immediately"

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