Case Studies

When we have a chance to partner with you long-term and design and deliver a program embedded in your learner’s workflows and closely linked to your learning strategy by activating the behavior that support it, magic happens. Contact us to begin an exploration! If you are looking to dip your toe with a workshop, that’s great too!

Client Success Story

Preparing Millennials for Success in Sales… and Life
BNW’s behavior + mindset approach is embedded in an innovative sales program, which trains recent college graduates to take on sales careers at Major League Soccer Clubs throughout North America. The program creates true sales super stars whose sales performance exceeds those of their peers by 43% and stay 38% longer.
We invested in our partnership with the Brave New Workshop, because we see how important it is to prepare our trainees to be comfortable being uncomfortable. The Brave New Workshop improvisational practice helps them learn specific techniques they use on the phone with customers as well as handle the emotional roller coaster of sales…and of life!
Jeff Berryhill

Director, Major League Soccer's National Sales Center

Client Success Story

Ready, set, change! Mindset training for leaders transforms culture, fuels innovation
BNW facilitators worked with the principals of a 5,200 student school district in rural Minnesota who are tackling a major technology integration and space redesign initiative. Over the course of a year, the leaders of the district embraced a practice of BNW’s Big 5 behaviors and chose to spend more time in the Mindset of Discovery. As a result they created a space for their employees to innovate and take advantage of the ongoing changes to transform not only the space and technology, but the way in which the district approaches teaching an increasingly diverse student population and changing needs of the community.
I think you need to know the extent to which your work has impacted us. As you may know, we are using the Big 5 in as the norms for all of our meetings. We are in the middle of an organization-wide innovation challenge and I don’t think we could have pulled this off without the work you did with our principals, 40% of our staff is engaged in the ideation and idea selection process.
John Alberts

Executive Director, Educational Services, Austin Public Schools