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Keynote Speakers

The new workplace needs a new mindset.  Luckily, we wrote the book on moving from a Mindset of FEAR to a Mindset of DISCOVERY, productivity, and innovation.  This short and poignant virtual keynote will have your audience laughing to a possibly embarrassing level while absorbing practical guidance about specific behaviors to embrace in order to maintain their best mindset during the new norm.  We will also be sharing and spread the best practices we are learning for our clients on what works in this new reality.

They were immersed into a fast paced demonstration on how to better overcome the personal discomfort of change management. Habitual change is largely physiological, and science shows that the innovative and creative skills as mastered and shown by Sweeney, can prove invaluable. Oh and yes, his keynote was a laugh a minute!!

Gregory MacDougall

Chicago International Conference Chair, Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Virtual Emcee

Our Masters of Ceremonies’ have unparalleled experience leading more than 2500 events worldwide.  We start with a strong understanding of our client’s and event business objectives and can help with savvy and contextual introductions, panel or chat room moderation, and guest interviews, and more, all while bringing the funny and keeping things on time and on point!

John and his team emceed U.S. Bank’s first-ever virtual Twin Cities United Way kick-off event. He gave U.S. Bank leadership a comfortable platform for poking a little fun at each other; in turn inspiring employees to engage, laugh, and donate to our community! 

Richard Davis

CEO, US Bank

Custom Videos

Our writers and comedic actors can create engaging videos that will take your virtual event from tolerable to terrific.  Video vignettes can help you engage your audience before the event, to save and prioritize the date and download and prepare the right technology.  Then during the event, video vignettes can bring laughter and meaning to openings and closings, regrouping the audience after breaks, and reinforcing key strategic and cultural messages.

The thing that impressed me most about John and his team’s role in it, is they were responsive and flexible, and the material and exercises were really customized to our program. There was no “canned” feel to it and because of that, it really resonated and reinforced our goals. I would highly recommend BNW for any corporate event.

Jennifer MArso

VP Strategic Communications, ABILITY Network

Brave Tuesdays Cohort

Invite your team to join our public workshop, or engage us for a custom and private cohort, of this wonderful 10 week program using our proven approach to using transformative laughter to change mindset.  Coached weekly by one of our world class speakers and trainers, participants embrace new behaviors and actively practice how to move from a Mindset of Fear to a Mindset of Discovery, while also building a community of support and accountability within their cohort.  Past participants have shared that the effects are exactly what is needed in these stressful and ambiguous times and can be life changing.

Brave Tuesdays learners will explore and practice concepts from the groundbreaking book The Innovative Mindset, authored by BNW co-owner John Sweeney and Chief Innovation Officer Elena Imaretska.  The book has been used as a guide to foster more creativity and innovation by thousands of people in widely divergent industries from banking to social entrepreneurship | More about THE BOOK HERE!

I felt like each week I was able to stretch myself to try new things. I knew that the others in the group would be there to cheer me on!
Dr. Mary L. Fredrickson

MD, Healthpartners

Executive Virtual Presentation Coaching

Now that you have been given the responsibility of leading your team virtually, we can help you with individual and small group coaching for presentation skills and technology insights to help you confidently deliver engaging, impactful virtual communications.

Internal Communications

We can help your messaging land and stick through with custom video services.  Videos topics could range from introduction of new policies and procedures, to reinforcing values, to communicating new strategic initiatives.  We can also act as your spokesperson or megaphone, or help you deliver through our interview and panel discussion facilitation.

Our customizable programs are built to be flexible in order to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today to see how the Brave New Workshop can help solve your problems – virtually!