Getting the team together? Boost their energy and effectiveness with a BNW workshop.

Over the past 20 years we have developed a number of workshops that address various needs from teambuilding to sales excellence. Browse below for ideas, but know that each of our workshops will be delivered with your audience in mind and customized to what we learn from you. We always customize our content and are happy to mix and match themes and learning points as needed.


Let’s flex your creative muscles! While we are all born creatively perfect and equal, experiences often
shape our brains to favor judgment and fear rather than acceptance and discovery. Innovation needs more than thinking; it requires us to ACT in a different way. Join us in practicing five behaviors proven to awaken your inner innovator.


OPEN Space

For the managers and leaders out there – we know you have lots on your plate, and crafting your team’s culture may seem daunting. Yet, if you hope to enable your team to continuously improve and produce fresh approaches you have to create an environment that fosters open-minded thinking and collaboration. This workshop will give you a set of practices to increase the innovation ability of your teams through modeling, rewarding and creating space for innovative behaviors.


Authenticity at the Speed of Laughter

It is not always easy to be your authentic self. Sometimes circumstances, environment, stress or learned behaviors can hinder our ability to be ourselves. As improvisers we assume that our uniqueness is needed, and we are not afraid to declare and share our true opinions and ideas. In this workshop we will teach you techniques and exercises which help you build self-awareness and choose to be your best self.

The Art of Sales

Sales is more than a process or a set of tools, it’s a mindset and ability to connect with other humans. Confidence, agility, persistence and diligence are the four competencies we work on during hands-on inspirational session, which can supplement any sales process and speak to sales professionals both new and seasoned.


Presenting at the Speed of Laughter

While always prepared masterful presenters are not tied to a script. In this workshop you will practice presenting spontaneously to exercise your ability to handle unexpected questions, comments and twists with confidence and elegance; learn techniques to use your voice and body to project confidence; find awareness in how your minds and bodies interact and react to “being on the spot” and establish practices to help you relieve stress.


Laugh and Learn

Looking for a high-impact teambuilding not involving a ropes course? We’ve got you covered with our Laugh and Learn offering. It’s an introduction to the foundational attitudes and behaviors inherent in improvisation which allow improvisers to collaborate so rapidly and fearlessly in front of distinguishing audience. You will leave refreshed, full of delight and newly found trust in your team.

Customer Service at the Speed of Laughter

The key to great customer service is the ability to be present and able to take bold actions to take care of the customer. This workshop focuses on intently listening and understanding the point of view and needs of others, communicating your point of view, and problem solving. Last but not least, you will practice connecting on a human level, and being authentic in your attitude of gratitude and service.

Change is Fuel

We’ll introduce you to behaviors and assumptions you can use to stay productive in times of rapid change. You will practice how to be comfortable being uncomfortable, how to communicate intentionally, and take ownership of your part in the bigger picture. You will change the way you view your workplace and decrease the stress and fear associated with change.

Storytelling at the Speed of Laughter

Stories make sense. Stories inspire. Stories transform. This workshop will help you craft stories that are on point, succinct, and emotionally charged. Not only that, we will help you practice your stories so that you can leave confident and excited to share your stories and influence the people you lead and interact with.

I wanted to thank you for the simply excellent session you facilitated for my team last week. The session was even more than I had hoped and the feedback from my team the following day was all incredibly positive. Additionally, all of us that were facilitating the next day were able to relate back some parts of the workshop in our various sessions throughout the day which really helped. I found out after the session that there were a few people on the team who were quite apprehensive about what they were going into, your facilitation style, the great environment and the friendliness of everyone at BNW helped massively in reducing that apprehension and then the material and exercises really helped them benefit from the day.

Alistair Dobbie

Sr. Director, Training, Learning & Development, Best Buy

Thank you very much for providing fantastic insight into how even lawyers can use improv techniques to provide better service, and have more fun doing it. As entertaining as your time with our Law Department was, the deeper lessons were even more valuable. I’ve encouraged people to get out of their pigeon holes, to break down the ‘silos’ between groups… Your appearance was clearly one of the highlights of our days together, and the feedback has been tremendous.

Terry Carlson

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Medtronic